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Fibreglass Ladders
Outstanding Features Non-Conductive Reinforced Fibreglass Ladders

Castor & Ladder fibreglass ladders are manufactured under licence from RD Werner Co. Inc. of Greenville, Chicago, US, the world's largest ladder manufacturers.

They provide protection from electrical hazards of up to 90,000 Volts, and are available in three types: single, extension and step extensions, in a range of sizes to suit all requirements. They feature new, patented Alflo 'Flat Step' rungs which are stronger in every way - bending, shear, torsion - than simple round rung designs.

The unique patented Werner Alflo rung-to-plate joints are hydraulically swaged and can withstand a torque or twist of up to 2000 cm kg, which in conjunction with the eight rivets per rung used to attach them to the side rails, gives the best possible combination of sturdy, safe, twist-proof use and extended long life. (An option of huck bolts is also available).

Step Extension Ladders

Step extension ladders are available in the three most popular sizes. Side rails are 84mm yellow section;. All sizes have three-rung overlap. All lower stile ends are fully boxed by custom-made extrusions, which give great strength and reduce the possibility of stile splitting.

Fibreglass Ladder Specifications

Fibreglass ladder rails are manufactured by the pultrusion process. Glass fibre in alternate layers in alternate layers of longitudinal fibres and continuous strand mat are impregnated with thermosetting isophthalic polyester resin, which includes an ultra-violet inhibitor. The strand and mat glass layers are drawn through a resin bath in a continuous strip and then die-shaped and cured in one automated sequence.

The reinforced design yields bi-directional strength in the composite section. There are approximately one million longitudinal fibres per side rail.

The side rail is engineered to satisfy the range of applications in the electrical, corrosive resistant, outdoor weathering and thermal and structural requirements of the user.

Lighter than industrial wood ladders, pultruded fibreglass has known structural characteristics. Its strength is not dependent upon the grain or random natural fibre distribution.

Electrical Properties (ANSI 14.5)

Dielectric strength 25.000 Volts per 25,4mm per A14,5 Code. DC current leakage does not exceed 90 micro Amps when 90,000 Volts is applied to electrodes spaced 250mm apart. (Conditioned for 72 hours at 22C and 60% relative humidity.)

Flashover between rungs will not occur below 90,000 Volts when a space of 305mm between rungs or 250mm of clean fibreglass rail between rung plates exists.

Weathering Characteristics

Fibreglass ladder rail will weather when exposed to an outdoor environment. The degradation of surface appearance will be accelerated by warm, moist climates, areas of high humidity, and high solar (UV) radiation. Humidity has the greatest effect on the degree of weathering.

Guidelines for Maintenance to Prevent Weathering

  1. Wax slows down the entry of water, but does not inhibit ultra-violet (UV).
  2. A pigmented polyurethane two-part coating will screen out a great amount of UV while restricting moisture entry and is also suitable for refurbishing if fibre prominence becomes evident. A suitable coating is available from Forlezer for field application after first preparing the fibreglass surface by hand sanding. 
  3. In a chemical environment, periodic inspection and possible coating may be warranted.

Care of Fibreglass Ladders

  1. Handle your ladder properly. Don't drop, crush or twist it.
  2. Store ladders on racks with good cushion supports properly clamped and with minimum overhang. Inspect truck racks periodically.


Protective non-marking end caps
Extruded aluminium guide brackets
38mm diameter pulley with extruded aluminium pulley bracket and cheek plates. 10mm diameter polypropylene rope will not absorb moisture and will yield greater service live.
Spring-loaded, double rung safety lock of heavy extruded aluminium with polycarbonate flipper.
Polyethylene rung wear sleeve separates rung from fibreglass rail for ease of operation and longer rung life.
Aluminium safety shoe with rubber pad and steel spiked foot. Aluminium rail shield and safety shoe bracket guards against damage and side rail splitting.
Locking ferrule work-hardened during swaging.
Soft wall bumper with protective, non-marking end caps. Heavy gauge steel bracket engages steel pin to lock sections in stepladder position.
Robust fixed aluminium locks.
Stile end reinforced and fitted with stability bar and non-slip feet.
Pole rung holds top rung clear of pole (safety chain optional extra)
Safety V-roller rung makes raising of ladders against lighting and other poles the simplest operation. Special chain and hook fastening locks the ladder to the pole.


Fibreglass Step Extension Ladders

Extra Heavy Duty / Professional
(Rating 135kg)

FG 6610 1,8m to 2,9m
FG 8712 2,1m to 3,5m
FG 8814 2,4m to 4,1m

Fibreglass Extension Ladders (Yellow)

Extra Heavy Duty / Professional
(Rating 135kg)

FG 117-2 3,0m - 5,2m
FG 121-2 3,6m - 6,4m
FG 125-2 4,2m - 7,6m
FG 129-2 4,8m - 8,8m

Fibreglass Extension Ladders (Orange)

Extra Heavy Duty / Professional
(Rating 135kg)

FG 532-2 5,4m - 9,6m
FG 536-2 6,0 - 10,8m
FG 542 6,8m - 12m

Sturdilite Fibreglass Step Ladder
Fibreglass Step Ladders

Extra Heavy Duty / Professional
(Rating 135kg)

FGS3 0,91m
FGS4 1,22m
FGS6 1,83m
FGS8 2,44m
FGS10 3,05m
FGS12 3,66m


Weebee Pedestal Ladder


Accessories for Fibreglass Ladders

Standard Spiked Feet

Nylon V-Roller Rung

Pole Ring and Safety Chain

Swivel Safety Spiked Feet

V-Rola Ring and Safety Chain

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